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Empowering Families

Opioid Prevention Program  

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Hernando County, we understand the importance of educating young members about the potential dangers of prescription medication misuse. That's why we provide our Opioid Prevention Program, which utilizes the Generation Rx Curriculum - a well-regarded prevention education and awareness program designed for all ages.

We recognize that different age groups require different approaches. Therefore, we tailor our curriculum to different age groups to ensure that our members receive education that is relevant to their age. For children in first through third grades, we focus on teaching the differences between foods, poisons, medicines, and drugs. We also emphasize personal responsibility for one's actions and the rules for medicine usage in homes and communities.For students in fourth and fifth grades, we provide more detailed information and include content about safe and unsafe behavior around peers and family members who are using medication. Additionally, we teach them about the dangers of taking medication without a physician's permission.

We believe that our community can work together to create a safer and healthier environment for our young members. That's why we offer resources for parents and caregivers as well. We hope that by working together, we can make a positive impact by helping our members stay safe and healthy.

For prevention strategies, please follow the links below.

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