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Are you a high school student aged 16-18? Do you want to lend a helping hand to improve kids’ lives?

From making our daily functions run more smoothly to getting directly involved in the youth we serve, you have what it takes to make a difference. As a Keystone Club member you will develop interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and a sense of community engagement while experiencing on-the-job Club Work.  In addition, your work will count towards Community Service hours necessary for Graduation, College Applications and Scholarships.

Once you have completed the application below, please have a parent/legal guardian return and complete the Membership Application by selecting the button below.

Keystone Club Application

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Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?
Do you have Physical Limitations?
Do you have any physical limitations or are you under any course of treatment which might limit your ability to perform certain types of work?


Please provide 3 non-relative references.

Understanding & Authorization I hereby attest that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and that I am not withholding any pertinent information. I agree to the administration of a background check and I authorize the Boys & Girls Club of Hernando County to investigate all information in this application. I also authorize educational institutions and employers listed within this information sheet to give the Boys & Girls Club of Hernando County information concerning my education, employment, and fitness to work with children and young people.
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